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with Digital Asset Management custom built for artists and game studios.

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Cloud storage for game studios.

You need a centralized repository for your team’s source files. Google Drive and Dropbox don’t cut it as you grow. Mudstack is built for game studios.

Preview 3D files

View FBX, OBJ, GLTF (and many other formats) without downloading and opening.

Tag all the things

Find what you need fast when you can tag and filter files for easy searching.

Access controls

Control who sees your content, keeping your IP safe when working with external vendors.


Group files in multiple collections without duplicating them or worrying about folder structures.

Reviews & feedback.

Keep all your feedback centralized and associated with its file. Stop hunting for feedback in Slack, Miro, Trello or other tools that are disconnected from the art.

Review requests

Artists can tag their leads when they're ready, no need to wait for a meeting.


Leads can approve work that meets the bar so artists can keep creating more.

Change requests

Easily assign change requests on files that need more work before they're ready to approve.


Mark up files with our built in tools. Draw anywhere on screen to compose feedback.

Version control for artists.

Get file based version control that doesn't require locking and branching so your artists aren't forced to use developer tools.

File based versioning

File based, not project based. It's a lot easier when you're not dealing with irrelevant conflicts.


Roll back to older versions at any time without deleting or overwriting anything.

Cloud versions

A single source of versions in the cloud for your team. View the history of each file.

Local versions

Let mudstack manage versions locally as you save work. Share only the versions you need to.

Artists →

Focus more on art.

Get timely feedback for work in progress, on your schedule. Waste less time and work by not waiting for review meetings. Spend more time creating.

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Art leads →

Give better feedback.

Share regular asynchronous feedback to keep your team on track. Find what you need fast. Inspect content without downloading and opening files.

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From everywhere. At any time.

Whether your team is remote or not,your art needs to be accessible.

Off-the shelf cloud storage solutions don’t work for ambitious game studios. Change the status quo with an artist-first tool.

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