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3 Simple Steps

How it works

The mudstack desktop application sits on top of your filesystem— making integrating with your local workflow a breeze.

Onboard your projects and get started in minutes.


Point mudstack to an existing project.

Whether you’re a Windows or Mac user, we’ve got your back. Our desktop app will work for you.

Once mudstack has access to one or more local directories, the app will index all the content within. The desktop app is free for personal use— organize, tag and manage all your local content in a way that was never possible before.

Connect your local projects to mudstack

Work as you normally do.

With mudstack on watch, new versions are created whenever you save work. The app tracks all changes to file organization— file names, folders, tags and libraries.

Focus on creating, not managing your files.

Mudstack captures local versions on file save

Sync to the cloud when you’re ready.

See all your uncommitted changes in a singular view— pick which changes you want to commit and push to your cloud workspace.

Pull changes from your team. Sync only what you need. Collaborate in one place for all your artwork, versions and associated feedback.

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Get started in minutes with mudstack desktop.

Ready to start?

Onboard your existing project and start collaborating with your team from anywhere, at anytime.

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Get the app to work with your local files on your Mac.

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How to mudstack

Look at our docs to learn what mudstack can do.

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