Artist-first version control and asset management.

Work solo or with a team. Move seamlessly between your computer and the cloud when it's time to collaborate.

Version control built for you— the artist.

Non destructive version control that puts you in charge. Name and describe your versions so you can remember what changed.

When you’re ready to share with your team, send them to the cloud so you can get feedback and collaborate.

Get the full power of version control designed for artists— resolve conflicts without losing your work, or your mind.

Cut down on wasted work.

Create libraries of assets to organize work in a way that makes sense to you. Libraries for asset types, projects, sprints— the sky is the limit.

Tagging and filtering makes finding what you need a breeze. Stop fiddling with finicky folder structures.

When you’re ready to work with your team, bring the same ease of organization to the cloud so everyone is happy.

Reduce risk to your games.

Review and collaboration tools in mudstack cloud enable you to work better, together. Annotate, comment, approve and request changes.

Shared team libraries and clear history avoids the frustrating search for the latest version of any file.

When you have a single source of truth for your teams work, including detailed history and comments, you win.

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Big things are coming

We're excited to announce our public roadmap for building the next generation platform for digital artists and game studios.

For too long, digital artists have lacked tools for collaboration and workflow management that have been available to software engineers. We plan on changing that and want to hear from you. We continue to build mudstack in partnership with our community. Let us know what matters most to you and your team.

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Phase 1Released April 18, 2022

open beta

UI overhaul in preparation for local workflows on the desktop app. Smoother UX for creating and managing tags. List view for better searching and sorting.

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Phase 2Planned May 16, 2022

open beta

Local workflows introduced! Private files, tags and libraries that are visible only to your on your computer. Single click uploads of files and libraries to cloud workspace. Single click downloads of files and libraries from cloud workspace.

Phase 3Planned June 13, 2022

open beta

Selective syncing and subscribing to make your life so much easier. Subscribe to workspace libraries and keep all your important files up to date with your team. mudstack will watch your local files for changes and allow you to sync them to the workspace when you’re ready.

Phase 4Planned July 5, 2022

open beta

Artist-first version control is here! We can’t say too much to spoil the surprise, so head over to our Discord to learn more about our revolutionary take on version control for artists. Say goodbye to losing work because someone else made changes at the same time. Work better, together.

Phase 5Planned July 25, 2022

open beta

We’re making the process of reviewing and seeking reviews smoother during this phase. Request a review from a specific colleague. Use our annotation tools to mark up files in mudstack or in the creation tool itself. Annotations magically append themselves to the file in question so all your feedback stays in context.

Frequently asked questions

How does the phased beta work?

We have intentionally split our beta into 5 phases. This allows us to focus on smaller chunks of work and also to work more closely with our community during these phases. We've thought about lots of use cases but working with our users will expose many more that we did not consider.

Signing up for the open beta and joining our Discord will give you the opportunity to shape mudstack into a tool that would truly benefit you.

Is the mudstack desktop app free?

Yes, the desktop app will always be free. You can use it locally without ever paying a penny. We only charge for our cloud services which includes cloud storage, all our collaboration tools and team based asset management + version control.

Can you tell me when a specific feature will be available?

Unfortunately, no. We've shared our planned scopes and dates for the various phases above. Beyond that, it would be unfair to everyone to promise specifics. The development process is always littered with 'unknown unknowns'! We budget extra time for bug fixing and also addressing use cases we might have overlooked.

The best thing you could do is vote on our roadmap and join us on Discord. This way, you'll be the first to be notified when we start working on new features and when they are available in the app

Which operating systems will the app work on?

The app will be available for both PC and Mac.

Level up with mudstack desktop.

Work solo or with a team. Move seamlessly between your computer and the cloud when it's time to collaborate.

"This desktop app will be a game changer for our studio. We see so many use cases that are addressed by it, including hiring! The mudstack team is great to work with and open to our feedback, allowing us to influence the direction of the app."

Leslie Han

Founder, TrueWorldStudios